Are you looking to start a business which has little chance of failing?

  • And with minimum capital and start-up funds?
  • And want to be successful within one year and build a business which is recession proof?
  • Are you someone with loads of Common sense, a positive mind set and a never-say-die attitude?
  • Do you have the time, energy, and willingness to learn and be guided?

If the answer to your questions above is YES, YES, YES, YES and YES then, read on:

Joscocare is an Employment Agency specialising in the supply of Temporary Staff to the Healthcare Industry. Established in December 2013, Joscocare is a rare success story with a loyal client base andmulti-million-pound annual turnover achieved by providing a sterling service with our own Offices in London, Kent, Birmingham & Liverpool.

Quality and reliability are our hall mark. Dignity & Respect are our values. Joscocare has clear vision and substantial action plan to provide our services around the Country through a network of own branches and franchises.

So, if you been dreaming of owning your own business and don’t know which sector or which franchise to go for, give us a call, because to win, you need to be with a business that has proven experience and does what it is says it will do (not a businesses whose only business is franchising!).

We only provide franchise licences where we cannot open our own branches due to lack of suitable managers. This leaves the way clear for you to prove your own worth and belief in your own business.

Joscocare Franchise Ltd has the ability to provide you with multiple income streams and give everything you need to establish a successful business in a well-defined territory. We are fully British Franchise Association compliant and therefore determined and rigorous in what we offer you.”
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Some key facts (for reference purpose only):

  • Initial fees: £19500 (discounted 50%)
  • Working capital: £25000
  • Funding options available for eligible entrepreneurs
  • Full training at HQ and in your office
  • Everything needed to establish the Office (from software, emails, websites, all forms, policies, procedures, marketing and recruitment materials) are provided with no additional cost
  • Initial stock of uniforms and branded merchandise (continued purchase from approved suppliers)
  • All practical support with establishing the Office in the territory
  • Continuous ongoing support just a phone call away.